Happy 75th, Franz Beckenbauer

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Happy 75th, Franz Beckenbauer

Postby Arneb » Fri Sep 11, 2020 7:45 pm

Aka Der Kaiser.

Came from a solid but poor family and the big time in the 60s as a defender for Bayern Munich. He led Germany (OK, West Germany) to its first ever victory in Wembley (3-1, during the '72 European Championships), became European ('72) and, as captain, World Champion ('74), led Bayern to five Geraman and three consecutive European Championships before leaving for the US, where he showed the American people you can actually watch soccer, winning three titles with Cosmos New York, having poeple Pelé as his teammate.

He went on to became Germany's national coach in the 80s, grabbing a Vice-World Championship (losing against the Hand of God and his bunch) in '86 and ultimately winning the title again in '90.

He was instrumental in bringing the World Championship to Germany in '06, and it's after this that his fame has been smoewhat blemished: Bribes ti FIFA electors, too expensive watches, too many lavish invitations to shady Arabian oil princes, that sort of thing. He is a recluse these days, and it's a pity. If anyone in Germany ever appoached anything like cool, it was him. He embodied the Libero, and he made 40 m passes with the outside of the boot look easy when only three people on the planet could do them.
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Re: Happy 75th, Franz Beckenbauer

Postby Richard A » Sat Sep 12, 2020 5:07 pm

It is a pity that he has become a recluse, but at the same time it shows character. You look at other past stars who have gone off the rails and remained pretty shameless - the Hand of God being a classic example; showing off what a drug habit and generally unhealthy living habit did to him wherever and whenever there was a chance of a TV camera finding him. OK, maybe a bit mean - and I admit I hate the man for his hand of God - but you get my point. Whereas to say, yeah, I screwed up and so I'd rather not flaunt myself in public - I can respect that.
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