Sometimes Free costs a lot.

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Sometimes Free costs a lot.

Postby wring » Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:21 am

Here at "the home" we have a "free" table where folks will put stuff that they get that they no longer need or want. Additionally, folks will sometimes want to donate stuff to the "Home" and contact the resident manager. She routinely begs "no more books or jigsaw puzzles please" because not only are there a ton of them already, they tend to stick around a long time w/o any interest.

I've actually seen, though, a time or two, where some one comes in w/ either a stack of puzzles or a stack of books and swaps 'em out with the ones here. Enzo often looks at the free table but never ventures near the book case or puzzle area.

So I suppose, it''s really my fault that I"m in the pickle that I am. I was in the community room having coffee, and went to get a kleenex from the box that resides near the built in bookshelf. And, there, on top of a stack of books were two books that caught my eye:

one entitled "the best Lawyer jokes" and the other was 999 best Henny Youngman one liners.

Enzo is in heaven.

I, on the other hand, am in hell. Hell I tell you. take my husband. Please.
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Re: Sometimes Free costs a lot.

Postby Lance » Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:52 am


heh heh

ha ha ha


<<wipes brow, catches breath>>

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Re: Sometimes Free costs a lot.

Postby Enzo » Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:42 am

I am loaded for bear. When she least expects it...
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